Songwriter Brent Hathaway is releasing a song entitled: “Quit Your Job”

Songwriter Brent Hathaway is releasing a song on Monday June 3, 2021 called “Quit Your Job”, the lyrics are about making time to pursue your dreams. The song was mixed by Mark Plancke, who lives in Windsor, Ontario, and the song was mastered by Michelle Mancini.

The lyrics are about making time to pursue your dreams. During everyone’s life, there are big and little things that can hold people back from achieving their goals.

The idea of the “job” is a metaphor for an unhealthy habit or situation.  This song is about wanting people to start believing in and taking care of themselves.  “Don’t just waste your life away … Time to give yourself a chance … It’s never too late for another push … Leave behind your artifacts.”

For the video, Brent asked Facebook friends to send him pet photos, and he received over 100 of them.  In the video, the pets are on a Zoom-like teleconference giving the viewers support to quit their bad habits.  The benefit of course for the pets is that they will be able to spend more time with the viewers once they have abandoned their unhealthy ways!

Brent writes and performs music in a variety of genres: funk, rock, and pop.

Brent has released singles since 2018. He is influenced by bands like Toto, Level 42, Jude Cole, Linkin Park / Mike Shinoda and others.

In 2018, he released his first songs. In 2021, he has sent his latest song to L.A. for mastering by Michelle Mancini, who has credits such as John Mayer and Linkin Park.

Brent’s previous tracks include: Soul Repair, Soul Repair (Dance Mix), and Time Will Tell.

Brent has been receiving internet radio airplay for his song “Soul Repair”.

The audio has a funky bass part and a horn section.

“This song and video was a lot of fun, and has inspired people. One person already made a cover version of the song!” – Brent Hathaway

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